Annual Calgary Stampede Parade Bleacher Seating


About Us

Stampede seating ambassadors

Since 2000, Seating U Ltd. has been providing bleacher seating for the Stampede Parade. We put total customer satisfaction and safety first to deliver an unforgettable Stampede Parade experience for visitors from around the world,year after year.

Perfect safety, every time

Seating U Ltd. maintains an excellent reputation in both the Calgary community and among our international visitors. In nearly 20 years of operations, we have achieved a flawless safety record. We have never had any accidents or injuries, and we remain committed to providing safe, convenient and hassle-free seating for the Stampede Parade and beyond. Our safety and service pledge has helped us grow a dedicated base of satisfied customers - many of whom have been returning for over a decade.

Join our team

Each year, Seating U Ltd. employs close to 20 high school and university students. Our team-building environment and one-on-one training promotes friendship and leadership throughout the 10 days of setup and takedown.

Want to join the Seating U Stampede Parade Bleacher Team? Contact us today.